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Advantages of Techtrans-Russia

The range of translation services is large and confusing for many. Some customers ask themselves: why does a page of translation cost 20 euros with one provider and 40 with another? Is the second translation twice as good? As a rule, no. We have tried to answer this question here. In a nutshell: for multilingual projects, it is best to turn to translation agencies that offer several language combinations. If you need a translation into Russian only, we are one of the best addresses for this. Working with us brings you several advantages.

These advantages have already been recognised by over 200 clients:

We are not an agency, we translate ourselves, without intermediaries, that is why our prices are 70 to 100% of translation agencies.
übersetzung   We carry out translations into and from Russian according to the DIN EN ISO standard 17100:2016-05. This means that the quality of our translations meets the strictest international standards and that you, as our customer, can trust this. 
übersetzungen   Personal support, i.e. every subsequent translation, update, change, etc. is done, if possible, only by the translator who did the translation for this customer from the beginning.
übersetzer russisch   Each translation is proofread at no extra charge according to the so-called "4-eyes principle", is aldo double-checked.
übersetzer deutsch-russisch   For regular customers the minimum order value does not apply, i.e. even 20 words are not charged with the minimum value of 15.00 Euro, but with 0.09 Euro from English into Russian or 0.10 Euro from German into Russian per word of the source text.
übersetzer russisch-deutsch   Translations in formats such as Adobe InDesign or Adobe Framemaker are delivered ready for printing thanks to our DTP specialists, i.e. you save the DTP costs.
übersetzer englisch-russisch   We also process drawings in dgw and dxf format directly with AutoCAD or other professional programmes, without you having to pay extra for this work with the other service provider.
übersetzer englisch-russisch   We accept every order, our capacities allow this at any time.
übersetzer englisch-russisch   There is no field in modern technology that we cannot translate.

The best proof of our skills are our project references.

We will answer any questions you may have about our reference projects and, if you wish, give you the names of contact persons at our customers. For various reasons we cannot or are not allowed to publish all projects, but after consultation with our clients this is usually no problem. Ask your questions by e-mail or phone, we will be happy to answer them.


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