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FAQ Translations Russian

Question: Your word price is about 40-60% lower than the word price of an agency. What is the reason for this?

Answer: This is because the agencies do not translate themselves, but sell the jobs to translators. We translate ourselves. When the client pays the higher price, he only pays the commission and the project management, he doesn't get more quality for his money. We, the translators, do the actual work. Agencies, however, perform other tasks that our translation agency cannot do, e.g. translating a project into 20-30 languages. We only translate into and from Russian. In the capacity of pure translators, we also cooperate with agencies and carry out translations for them. Don't think of translations as an unnecessary organisation. They already fulfil their important tasks.

Question: Where are your translations done?

Answer: We have offices in Russia and in Germany. In each country we translate into Russian and German. It all depends on the project.

Question: Who translates technical documentation for you: are they engineers or technical translators?

Answer: We rely on technical translators. Our experience over several years shows that a technical translator with good technical knowledge translates better than a graduate engineer with good language skills. However, we often use engineers as proofreaders. Especially when it comes to complicated topics with technical terms.

Question: Are translations proofread?

Answer: Every translation is proofread, often twice: by the proofreader and then by the project manager. All at no extra cost. This is a special feature of our translation agency. 

Question: Is it possible to negotiate discounts with you?

Answer: We give a 10% discount on large translations (50 pages or more), otherwise not. 

Question: What do clients gain by selling their work to another translation agency?

Answer: This sale can perhaps be better described as a merger, because old translators remain employed. The translation agency only changes owners. The old owner will devote himself to other projects.

Question: Why don't you offer a price per line, but only a price per word?

Answer: This method is more common in the USA and England than in Germany and Russia, and it is slowly gaining popularity in Germany. We simply find it more accurate. It is also easier for the client to estimate the volume and cost if he can see the word count in the Word statistics.

Question: What do you think of automatic translators (full-text translators)?

Answer: Translating is and remains manual work. Full-text translators never replace a technical translator. I would put it this way: Computers will replace translators when the last taxi driver in the world loses his job to the automatic driver. Technical translations will remain the preserve of human translators for decades to come.


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